Last week I ran into a client and instructor and asked David his opinion of the EZ Swimmer. David was quick to reply the name was misleading. He knew firsthand it is a resistance tool and as such it is perhaps one of the strongest in the field of water fitness. The term EZ he felt was misleading because target toning is never easy. While the design was ergonomic and make the resistance easier in the swimming pool, the term EZ in the world of water fitness where frail 76 year old women dominate the field, the term EZ was grossly misleading.

Additionally, the term “swimming” he felt misleading because while the fitness tool offers all the resistance benefits of swimming, the swim board does not require the skill of swimming.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to continue the discussion as we both were pressed for time.

The category of “swim board” is appropriate but perhaps the name is misleading.

I have posed this question before but have never put it in written form on the world wide web. I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Alternative Name – Sea Horse

In the six years that I have had this product on the market, I have yet to hear a GREAT name. One of the names that I find helpful is the term Sea Horse. The Seated Balance movement is the water exercise that mimics the balance ball in the water and aptly describes the movement. This movement is exclusive. Yes there are instability boards but none with the amount of resistance and challenge that this board offers. Riding the sea horse is the best verbal example of what the balancing act is in the water.

If you do not engage your core muscles, if you try to engage your back muscles, the swim board turns from a sea horse where you are riding with control to a bucking bronco.

One of my clients kindly refers to this as the “butter butt” syndrome but in reality it is the lack of contraction in the core muscles.

Sea Horse

Over the years, I have studied those who pick up the sea horse readily and have noticed, it is the horse back rider who can pick it up almost immediately. In all cases, after trying the Cuddle Core and the Push Downs, the user can typically master the sea horse in under 20 minutes.

One young lady struggled a couple of weeks ago. When I returned the next week, she had successfully mastered it. When I asked what changed, she and another client detailed it was practice and correct positioning. She now rides the sea horse without any visible struggle what so ever.

Getting Bucked Off the Sea Horse

I hesitate to change the product name to sea horse because it almost implies a simple process when in reality it is engaging your muscles – no different than full immersion swimming that demand your muscles pull you through the water.

Why EZ ?

OK, if the sea horse is so difficult and it is always listed as an advanced skill, why the name EZ? If you were to compare the kick board with the Cuddle Core movement, you know the kick board demands the proper position of being horizontal in the water as if you were swimming in full immersion format. After all you are training your kick.

With this soft swim board, the Cuddle Core is target toning your legs with the user in the diagonal position in the water. This position offers more resistance using your entire body resisting the water than the streamline movement of the kick board. Additionally, when you compare the muscle engagement between the two, the kick board still engages your upper body (albeit to a lesser extent), while the EZ Swimmer swim board has your upper body in a relaxed cuddle position where your arm and upper body have very limited muscle contraction.

Share Your Thoughts on the Names – EZ Swimmer verses Sea Horses verses Other Suggestions

If you have successfully tried the sea horse, I definitely want your opinion on the naming options. If you are just reading this for the first time,your opinion counts the most. It is the reader who hasn’t tried the product that I don’t wish to confuse. Please email me or leave a comment below on your thoughts.