Passionate about water fitness.

The author’s mantra is “Water exercise is wise”.

Who is she? She is a retired CFO, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She just volunteered to teach a fitness class for children of all ages at her church. Stay tune for the words of wisdom from these little ones – some are less than a knee cap tall!

She has studied fitness with some of the best fitness instructors in the world. Her motto is “Water Exercise is Wise!” Read her posts and learn why! There are eight different reasons. While she doesn’t like exercise, her body DEMANDS exercise. Life without exercise leaves her tired and depressed. Life without exercise increases her resting heart rate beyond what is considered healthy (60-80 beats per minute is considered healthy). Life without exercise changes her skin texture. And perhaps most importantly, life without exercise makes her feel less mentally alert.

She developed the innovative swim board – the EZ Swimmer simply because it was needed. Who wants to swim alone? Who doesn’t wish to take their workout to the water? With this ergonomic swim board, you can comfortably do sit-ups, push-ups, chair dips and we even went back to the drawing board to create a balance ball for the water. The EZ Swimmer is not “lazy daisy fun” – it is designed and engineered specifically so you MUST move. If you are seeking relaxation this is not the buoyant device for you. Even with the Seated Balance you can feel your muscles contracting and if you don’t, you will soon find the body board acting like a bucking bronco! Take our sea horse challenge and see if you can ride this closed cell foam board designed specifically for the swimming pool.

The author holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a minor in Economics.  Her MBA studies concentrated upon Finance special emphasis upon cash flow and ROI. For many years, she managed her own personal portfolio and for over two decades she was active in fixed income investing and was appointed to several leadership boards.

The author lives in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois with her husband and a garden of flowers soon to appear for the first time this spring (first year garden for  Wisconsin home.) She and her husband have four wonderful sons.

The Fun Swim Board is all about water fun and fitness. Yes, we throw in some extreme sports items such as surfing and the beloved body board and skim boards but the focus is mainly swim fitness and this innovative board called EZ Swimmer.